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Integral Handwriting Leadership Development Program (IHLDP)® – develops authentic, value-based leaders with a method of applied graphotherapy, which focuses on interpretation and conscious modification of their writing patterns that directly effect their attitudes and behaviours. In IHLDP, the Leaders by a consistent application of self-affirming strokes in handwriting, are introducing the healthy attitudes and behaviours and consequently redirecting their leadership competencies in an optimal direction that serves both them and their organizations. The IHLDP is based on a book by Vimala Rodgers, Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life, Berkeley, California 1993.
IHLDP comprises of 15 modules which enhance the following leadership competences:

  • Honesty
  • Listening
  • Self-Discipline
  • Enthusiasm
  • Forgiveness
  • Fluidity of Thought
  • Patience
  • Willingness to Risk
  • Being Here and Now
  • Friendship
  • Simplicity
  • Resentment
  • Creativity
  • Wonder
  • Gratitude

Values of Integral Handwriting Leadership Development Program®:

  1. Healthy Decision Processes – made by a leader from a level of his/her honesty, self-esteem, generosity, and trust. They will be the decisions of inner power.
  2. Harmonious Life – transformation in seeing the past and the other people.
  3. Healthy Physiology- healthy attitudes and beliefs secure a healthy body.
  4. Healthy Organizations- transformation of a Leader implicates a transformation of a specific organization the Leader represents.

Wealth Leadership Development Program is a luxury system created on 11 sound laws and 10 principles of success. It is an exclusive program designed for Business Owners, CEO’s, Board Members and Managing Directors who are ready to create abundance both in their professional and private lives. The program comprises of 12 sessions designed for 6 months period. It is an exclusive system that provides the ultimate results and a deep impact on the leaders to achieve success and wealth in every area of their lives.

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Board Members’ Development Program is designed for prospective or active Board Members who would like to enhance their board members and leadership competencies. It identifies and develops talents and skills of individuals who are ready to take the positions with international visibility or possess the board mandates. By introducing the best practices of the boardrooms as well as enhancing the self-awareness of the leaders, the Program creates a transformative value for them and the environment. It consists of 12 sessions foreseen for 6 months time frame.

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Success Leadership Development Program is an effective system created on 10 principles of success. It is a program designed for CEO’s, Board Members, and Managing Directors who are motivated to succeed in professional and private lives. Success Leadership Development Program includes 10 sessions and it is designed for 5 months period. Two training sessions are proposed every single month for the leaders. It is an effective system that provides transformational results and a deep impact on the leaders to achieve a sustainable success in every aspect of their lives.

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Ultimate Results Leadership Development Program – a transformational and an effective
system created on Sound Laws of business success. It is a proven program verified by the
leaders of outstanding organizations and based on current scientific findings in the field of
leaders’ personal growth. The program is designed for Business Owners, CEO’s, Board
Members, Supervisory Board Members and Managing Directors who are ready to create,
embrace and maintain great results in their professional and private lives. Ultimate Results
Leadership Development Program comprises of 12 sessions.

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Leadership competencies are defined as specific personality traits, skills, values, knowledge,
capacities, and capabilities that facilitate leader’s ability to perform leadership tasks and
responsibilities. Leadership competencies are critical for crisis management because they are
required to develop a decision-making roadmap and enact immediate, effective plans to
overcome the crisis while maintaining the trust of employees and stakeholders.

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Graphological Analysis proves to be a comfortable and reliable diagnostic method which can
support leader’s selection processes remotely. The graphological tests used by human
resources departments are even more useful than interviews. Graphological analysis can show
to the interviewer hidden aspects of the applicant’s personality and it allows to find any
desired skill the job requires, like leadership, teamwork, or organization capabilities.

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Our vision

Whatever we think in our minds must grow. Once we have changed our vision, we will change our conditions.

Graphology Solutions

Graphological Analysis


Human science, a technique of observing and interpreting handwriting patterns. It is a science consisting in deducing a person’s character, disposition or aptitudes from his/her handwriting. Graphology is an analysis of the psychological structure of a person based on his/her handwriting. It is a science that correlates handwriting patterns with personality traits. Graphology constitutes part of the psychology of expression and of diagnostic psychology.

The word graphology was coined from the Greek graph-, which means writing and the suffix -ology, which is applied to names of scientific studies. Graphology is known in England, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and the USA. The in-depth psychological findings of Freud, Jung and Szondi play a significant role in contemporary graphology.

Graphological Analysis

Provides a deep and thorough assessment of the intellect, emotivity, activity and adaptation skills of a writer. Graphology analyses enable to discover and assess key personality elements such as ambition, clarity of mind, communication, consistency of action, concentration, diplomacy, decision taking, discretion, detail handling, imagination, initiative, independence, energy, intelligence, intuition, judgment, loyalty, mental balance, reliability, stability, tenacity and many other personality traits of the person being assessed.

A graphologist carefully assesses and balances positive features against negative ones, strengths against weaknesses. Graphological Analysis can discover traits, attributes and talents in ourselves that we were not aware of. Graphological Analysis allows us to disclose our potential, as well as the characteristics to be strengthened or eliminated from our personalities.


Graphotherapy is a behavioral science, which concentrates on interpretation and modification of writing patterns that directly affect our behaviour. By consistent implementation of self-affirming strokes in our handwriting we integrate the enhanced attitudes those strokes reflect and transform the opposing ones. Self- affirming strokes exercised with intention and consistency transform our lives in a fulfilling direction and lead to enhancement of our awareness level. Applied graphotherapy is one of the most direct, effective and ethical healing method known.

Our mission

The mission of Graphology Solutions Group is a transformational growth of individuals, discovery of their talents and potential both in professional and private lives.


Advantages of Graphological Analysis

Leadership Development
Leadership Competence Audit
Graphological Analysis


Graphological Analyses allow an assessment of personality profiles with an accuracy of 95 per cent. Graphological Analyses eliminate the problem of premeditated responses. Any attempts at deception are detectable in the Graphological Analyses.

Economic value

Graphological Analyses, through their accuracy, support companies in taking the correct decisions within Human Resources Departments. They effectively help avoid inappropriate decisions, which are expensive and time-consuming.


A Graphological Analyses is easily accessible. The graphology research is a method of a personality analysis, i.e. without direct contact with a client. Graphological Analyses can be performed even though the client and the graphologist are in different places during the working process.


There is no need for any direct contact between a graphologist and a client. You can post a sample of your handwriting and get a graphology report mailed back to you.

About us

About Graphology Solutions Group

Lucyna Baca-Lönn – founding director of Graphology Solutions Group (2008), which offers Leadership Development Programs, Leadership Competency Audit, Development Programs for Management Board Members, and Leader Selection Processes, in which Graphological Analysis can be used as a method of competency diagnosis.

Lucyna is a board member, leadership coach, business trainer and tutor with a proven record of working in the areas of management consulting, leadership, and talent & language development. She has an international Learning & Development consulting experience. She can partner with senior business stakeholders to assess and prioritize business needs, determine performance and development gaps, and create and execute a learning strategy and plan for employees. Moreover, she possesses in-depth understanding of talent development landscape and trends. She can create and execute innovative, scalable learning solutions for the leaders and their staff that enable a continuous learning culture of an organization. She can provide coaching and partnering with business leaders to educate them how team and individual development can influence organizational needs as well as needs of their teams to learn, grow and thrive. She loves to connect people who have something to teach with those who are ready to learn. She is enthusiastic about sustainable learning, development, and transformation of the leaders.

She completed doctoral studies in the field of Management Sciences and Professional Coaching Program at the Kozminski University. She focuses on leadership development and methods of competency diagnostic in her research. She graduated from Harvard Business School on-line Leading with Finance – a certificate program that provides an intuitive and rigorous approach to the principles and practice of finance. Moreover, she completed the C-Level Program at the European Women on Boards. She is a Polish member of the British Academy of Graphology and cooperates with the International Institute of Handwriting Studies in the USA.

She is the author of internationally rewarded Leadership Development Programs and Coaching Programs with application of Graphological Analysis used as a competence diagnostic method. She has a broad, cross-cultural experience having the Clients from Scandinavian, British, German, Israeli, French and Polish companies. She has management, coaching, linguistic and graphological educational background. Her passion includes personal growth, leadership & business coaching, graphology, languages sound investments. Lucyna served as a board member of the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce (2012-2022) and Israel-Poland Chamber of Commerce (2011-2019). She conducts Leadership Development Programs and Leadership Coaching Processes in English, Polish, Swedish and Russian.

In her professional work, she integrates business and scientific competences. She loves being authentic and enjoys both her work and life and its wonders.

Clients say


“I am delighted to issue this letter of recommendations for Ms. Lucyna Baca-Lönn, the owner of Graphology Solutions, based on my personal coaching conducted by her.

Lucyna is a professional coach focused on leadership development and executive coaching. During my lessons I’ve learnt from her broad professional experience, ethical values and solid academic background. Graphological Analysis as a part of the coaching (based on my handwriting) was truly unique and has greatly enriched my overall experience.

Based on the above I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucyna for leadership coaching and personal development”.

Paweł Siwecki

CEO, The British Polish Chamber of Commerce

“It is a great pleasure that I send a letter of recommendation for Lucyna Baca-Lönn who I have known for many years. We had the opportunity to meet and work while she was running a leadership program at HAYS Poland Sp. z o.o. As a one of several Board Directors, I have worked on development of the competencies that were crucial for me as an individual but also for the organization.

From a long-term perspective, I can assess how positively this has translated into real business awareness, and more importantly, the ability to achieve ambitious business goals.

As for Lucyna, my main association is high work ethics, vast knowledge and fluency in English. All this, in my opinion allows her to lead each organization to the true implementation of the idea of talent management”.

Paula Rejmer

Managing Director, Expert Perm, Hays Poland Sp.z o.o

“I have had the privilege to work with Ms. Lucyna Baca-Lönn for five months-long coaching leadership program. It has been a transformative experience and allowed me to gain a better understanding of myself as a leader, as well as helped me to understand the dynamics of my team.

Ms. Lucyna has also been working with a member from my direct team and I find this coaching process as successful, bringing value and making a difference in professional life.

Whilst programs offered by Ms. Lucyna are delivered in the business context, leadership skills are transferable and refer to other areas of life”.

Dorota Pomacho-Pątkiewicz

Managing Director Eastern Europe Pandora Jewelry CEE

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