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Graphology and Graphology Analysis:

What is Graphology?  5494142

Graphology – is a human science, a technique of observing and interpreting handwriting patterns. It is a science consisting in deducing a person’s character, disposition or aptitudes from his/her handwriting. Graphology is an analysis of the psychological structure of a person based on his/her handwriting. It is a science that correlates handwriting patterns with personality traits. Graphology constitutes part of the psychology of expression and of diagnostic psychology.

The word graphology was coined from the Greek graph-, which means writing and the suffix -ology, which is applied to names of scientific studies. Graphology is known in England, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and the USA. The in-depth psychological findings of Freud, Jung and Szondi play a significant role in contemporary graphology.

What is Graphology Analysis/Research?

Graphology analysis/research – provides a deep and thorough assessment of the intellect, emotivity, activity and adaptation skills of a writer. Graphology analyses enable to discover and assess key personality elements such as ambition, clarity of mind, communication, consistency of action, concentration, diplomacy, decision taking, discretion, detail handling, imagination, initiative, independence, energy, intelligence, intuition, judgment, loyalty, mental balance, reliability, stability, tenacity and many other personality traits of the person being assessed.

A graphologist carefully assesses and balances negative features against positive ones, strengths against weaknesses. Through graphology analysis we can discover traits, attributes and talents in ourselves that we were not aware of. Graphology analysis allows us to discover our potential, as well as the characteristics to be strengthened or eliminated from our personalities.

Mission of Graphology Solutions Group:


The mission of Graphology Solutions Group is to offer to companies and institutions professional graphology consultancy support in personnel selection, defining potential and career path of employees, assessing the compatibility of business partners and team members, self-assessment, self-development, coaching processes and other activities within Human Resources Departments.

The mission of Graphology Solutions Group is to help individuals in their self-discovery, in assessing their strengths and weaknesses, their talents and abilities and to support them in defining the most appropriate life and career path.

 Ethics and standards in GSG:

Applying graphology, as a method of assessing people, demands a high level of morality, integrity and responsibility from a graphologist.

The purpose of graphology consultancies provided by Graphology Solutions Group is to help individuals in their personal development both in their private and professional lives. Graphology consultancies can be applied in an ethical manner and with the best of intentions. Graphology consultancies provided by Graphology Solutions Group meet British standards.


About Graphology Solutions Group:


Graphology Solutions Group has been active on the Polish market since 2008. It specializes in graphology and coaching consulting. We cooperate with Scandinavian, English, German, Israeli and Polish companies. The very uniqueness of graphology consultancy and graphology coaching is the quality that distinguishes Graphology Solutions Group on the market. What makes the method precious is the simplicity of the graphology analysis for the customer, combined with its high effectiveness. m_curie_www

The graphology analyses provided by Graphology Solutions Group meet proven English standards. The graphology consultations offered by Graphology Solutions Group are exclusive and mainly dedicated to company executives. We support our clients in personnel selection, assessment, potential defining, coaching processes and all activities within Human Resources Departments. Graphology analyses are built on solid and proven knowledge, dating back to ancient China, Egypt, Greece and on findings from other cultures.


Graphology Solutions Group
co-operate with institutions:

The British Academy of Graphology in London

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The International Institute of Handwriting Studies w USA

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The Cambridge School of Graphology

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British Polish Chamber of Commerce

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Scandinavian Polish Chamber of Commerce

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Israel-Poland Chamber of Commerce

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Advantages of Graphology Consultancies:



Graphology analyses allow an assessment of personnel profiles, with an accuracy of 95 per cent. Graphology analyses eliminate the problem of premeditated responses. Any attempts at deception are detectable in the graphology research.


Economic value

Graphology analyses, through their accuracy, support companies in taking the correct decisions within Human Resources Departments. They effectively help avoid inappropriate decisions, which are expensive and time-consuming.



A graphology analysis is easily accessible. The graphology research is a method of a remote personality analysis, i.e. without direct contact with a client. Graphology analyses can be performed even though the client and the graphologist are in different places during the working process.



There is no need for any direct contact between a graphologist and a client. You can post a sample of your handwriting and get a graphology report mailed back to you.

Specification of Graphology Consultancies:

Graphology consultancies for corporate and institutional clients:   young business woman

Graphology Solutions Group performs professional graphology analyses, which are applicable in the following processes in companies and institutions:

  • Personnel selection processes external and internal,
  • Graphology coaching for board members and directors,
  • Compatibility assessment for business partners,
  • Compatibility assessment for board and team members,
  • Improving co-operation among board and team members,
  • Self-development and self-assessment for board members and directors.

Graphology consultancies for individual clients:

  • Vocational guidance.

About Me


Lucyna Baca-LönnLucyna Baca-Lönn – the founder and director of Graphology Solutions Group (2008), which provides graphological consultancies in key personnel selection and leadership coaching processes. She is the first Polish member of the British Academy of Graphology in London. She cooperates with the International Institute of Handwriting Studies in the USA and the Cambridge School of Graphology in the UK. She is the author of leadership coaching processes with application of graphological methods. She has a broad professional, cross-cultural experience having the clients from Scandinavian, British, German, Israeli, French and Polish companies. She has managerial, graphological, linguistic and coaching educational background. Her passion includes: investments, graphology, leadership and business coaching, human capital development, personal development and languages. She works on a PhD dissertation in management. Lucyna is a board member of the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Israel-Poland Chamber of Commerce.

Awards and Certificates

2019 Awards Business Excellence Winner

2019 Awards Business Excellence Winner


2018 Awards Business Excellence Winner

2018 Awards Business Excellence Winner


Leading Graphology & Coaching Consultancy of the Year 2018

Leading Graphology & Coaching Consultancy of the Year 2018

Best Graphology & Coaching Consultancy 2017 – Europe

Best Graphology & Coaching Consultancy 2017 – Europe


Best International Leadership Development Experts & Award

Best International Leadership Development Experts & Award

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